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Title 1:   Book two of a trilogy of books exploring:

            "The Best Kept Secret Of World War Two!"

    The book that undermines the historic foundation of several
of the United States highest military commanders and two



    It began over Belgium and France on 10 November 1944, when an American P-61 Black
Widow night fighter shot down a Top-Secret American B-24. The Top-Secret B-24 contained more
than four tons of Top-Secret electronic equipment and it was flying a Top-Secret night mission with
the RAF, while “Spoofing” the German defensive radar systems. The B-24 crashed at 02:30, inside
Allied Lines in France.

    Within hours, General Eisenhower gave the verbal order, “The crash of that Top
Secret B-24 has to disappear!”

    Within hours, American Army Regulations began to fall like ten-pins. In less than nine
hours, American War Dead were desecrated by American Medical personnel at the B-24 crash site.
When two-thirds of the remains of the three men killed in that crash were hidden in an unmarked
grave by the American Medical Personnel who had just recovered their partial, torn-apart remains.

    In less than forty-eight hours, at a B-17 crash site, additional American Combat Dead
were desecrated by other American Army Medical personnel. The B-17 crash had occurred on
9 November 1944, 138 miles away and 15 hours before the Top-Secret B-24 crash took place.

    To make the crash of the Top-Secret B-24 disappear, the actual crash-site location of the
B-17 was (illegally) officially moved to the B-24 crash-site location. At the B-17 crash-site, one
man’s torn-apart remains were divided to create four Official Burial Packages and three men’s
complete bodies were hidden by the American Medical personnel at that crash-site. Two of the three
hidden remains were later awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honor on GO 38, 16 May 1945.

    In mid-December 1944, the coverup of the above, was also covered-up when two
Congressional Medal of Honor applications were submitted up the Chain of Command. Each
signor, including General Eisenhower and President Truman, knew the applications included a
false description of the death of the two men. However, future careers and political aspirations had
to be protected at all costs and the falsified applications were approved and signed.

    Based on these actual World War Two events, the author presents new evidence that
supports a viable motive for the murder of General Patton.

    A Military History Novel, based on a large amount of real World War Two history,
narrated by an fictional officer, who most likely existed as a real officer on Eisenhower’s staff.

Researched by the author for more than sixteen years.

Soft bound, 6" x 9" format, 400 pages, includes introduction, 18 chapters and prologues.

Reviews  Historical Support


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Book Two of a trilogy - See Titles 2 & 3

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Title 2:  Book one of a trilogy of books exploring:

            The "Last Flight Of The 'Lady Jeannette'"

    The first book published by the author about the a B-17 bomber that came to
be indentified to a crash site in the Somme Region of northern France.  To be
reissued by the end of September 2008, in the same 6" x 9" format as the above

    With additional information added, explaining how after the book was first
published, the author was given two pieces of the crashed bomber.  These pieces
turned out to be from the Top-Secret B-24 involved in the above book, instead
of being from the dual Congressional Medal Of Honor B-17, officially documented
to have crashed at that crash site.

    This book is a true military history book, providing all the research over
a period of six years by the author.  Based on many trips to the crash site in France,
trips to interview survivors and the families of the KIA dead at their homes, attendance
at their reunions and research at the National Archives and US Air Force Historical Agency.

    The re-published book will contain startling new information obtained during an on-site
research trip to the real 'Lady Jeannette' crash site in May/June, 2009.

Available by mid-September 2008.

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Title 3:  Book three of a trilogy of books:

  Researching "The Best Kept Secret Of World War Two!"

    Starting where The "Last Flight Of The 'Lady Jeannette'" ends, this book will also
be a pure military history book, providing all the research and supporting data about
how the author had to first prove his first book wrong, when no one else could do it!

    And then prove, the first book was basically 99 percent correct, yet 50 percent wrong
at the same time.  As what happened to the French on the ground did happen, except
they were involved with a Top-Secret B-24 and all, except one man, believed it was
a B-17 for 54 years.  And, what was written about the B-17 from the crew's point
of view, happened, except their B-17 actually crashed under totally different
circumstances 138 miles away from their documented crash site.

    In the writing process, the planned publishing date will permit Christmas, 2009

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Title 4: 

               Victory Mail Of World War II
                    V-Mail, The Funny Mail




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