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Reviews:   "The Best Kept Secret Of World War Two!"

    A military history novel by Willis S. Cole, Jr.          ISBN: 978-0-9662728-1-9

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Captain James Hudson “Capt. Jim”
O.S.S. Veteran

    Willis S. Cole has been doing considerable research on this important incident after
we had obtained Victory over the Axis Powers in WWII. Traveling to Europe numerous
times and throughout the United States researching the records as only an expert on
Graves Registration and military history is qualified to do.

    The condensed results of this research is defined in his new book, The Best Kept
Secret Of World War Two!
This book not only provides an excellent motive for
General Patton to have died, it provides a basis for all the books about the planned
death of General Patton in an automobile accident to be most likely false, as Willis
provides what was probably the real plan for Patton’s death that day.  The book
offers proof that General Patton did have information available to him which would
have greatly damaged or destroyed the careers of General Eisenhower, General Arnold,
General Marshall and Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Along with the careers of all
involved lower ranked participants.

    If General Patton had lived to present the proof he held to the American public at
time of his death, in the manner which they knew he was going to do so, the families
of American War Dead would have demanded an intense investigation which would
have led directly to those just mentioned.

    This was an excellent motive to kill Patton, in order to prevent the disclosures that
would have been detrimental to top world leaders.  The magnitude of “D-day”and the
opportunity for personal aggrandizement or absolute disgrace, were too enormous to
be free of manipulation.

    I find this to be an enlightened message clearly presented in this book. Having personal
experience with General Patton, both with the King of Yugoslavia at Christmas 1942,
and in the flesh at Comiso Airdrome in Sicily, the second day of the invasion when he
personally kicked me off “his island,” Patton has always been a sympathetic character
in my memories of WWII. I liked Patton and admiredhis skills as a Leader and Aggressive

    We needed him desperately.

Captain Jim Hudson, WWII, OSS Veteran
Hudson Associates, Woman Owned VE Consultants
Patricia W. Hudson, SAVE, Value Engineering
James W. Hudson, CVS, FSAVE, BICSI
7430 Miller Lane,
POB 399
Spotsylvania, VA 22551-0399 (540)895-5551

Author: Two Persons For One Job - The Ship That Won World War II
Beyond OSS - In The Name Of The Luftwaffe
The Victory Mail Of World War II, V-Mail, The Funny Mail

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Charles D. Butte “Bud” LTC USA Retired
Graves Registration

    First, I should introduce myself, Charles D. Butte, LTC USA Ret., I joined the army,
 as a Private, in February 1943 and retired, as a Lt. Col., on 1 March 1967, I received a
direct Commission while in Belgium in 1945. My first unit was the 603rd Quartermaster
Graves Registration Company, I was with the unit all through WW II, landing in Normandy
the second day, my platoon, the Third, was attached to the 90 Infantry Division, the First
Platoon was attached to the Fourth Infantry Division, The Second Platoon was attached
to the Ninth Infantry Division, and the Fourth Platoon was attached to the 82
nd Airborne
Division, with Sgt. Elbert Legg of the Fourth Platoon landing with the Division, via Glider,
on D-day 6 June 1944, and starting the Bloseville Cemetery for the 82
nd on 7 June 1944. The
Company was assigned to the First US Army during the entire war and attached to the
Seventh, Eighteenth, and Fifth Corps at different times during the War in Europe.

    We established Ten Temporary US and Enemy Cemeteries during WW II in Europe. We
also did battlefield recovery of US, Allied and Enemy dead, operated Division and Corps
Collecting Points for US, Allied and Enemy Dead. In addition, during the War and after
the war we did isolated burial recoveries. Which was going out locating graves of deceased
military, where the military, enemy and civilians had made temporary burials. This included
investigating downed aircraft reports and recovering remains from these crashes.

    In addition, I was stationed in Italy during 1947-1950, with the American Graves Registration
Command. I personally conducted search and Recovery in Sicily and Central Italy.

(Note: Bud is recognized as the “Official Father of Baseball in Italy” having introduced his
Italian workers to the game, forming the first league and creating today’s Italian interest in baseball.)

    This, investigating downed aircraft reports, seems to be the specialty of Willis S. Cole, Jr., "Sam,"
in which he has become very efficient, but nothing can be recovered, reported or recorded without
the complete cooperation of all evolved. I have investigated downed aircraft, but never ran into as
many obstacles as he seems to have, in his investigation of the particular downed B-24. Relative to
this instance, in 1994, I told him that he seemed to be barking up a tree that someone had built in
personal obstacles, which of course is against all human feeling, decency and desire to learn the truth
regardless of Pride, Self Protection, and downright, I believe the law calls it, Obstruction of Justice.

    When hitting one of these obstacles, instead of stopping his research into these aircraft crashes,
Sam intensified his research. He has attended Graves Registration Reunions to meet those of us who
served in Europe during WWII, to learn of our personal experiences. He has spent weeks at the National
Archives, going through Graves Registration Records in search of any other explanation for the
un-accounted-for remains he is still searching for and over the years, Sam has kept me fully informed
of his research.

    (Colonel Butte is, at the time of this writing, considered to be the major expert on American Graves
Registration work in the European Theater of Operations - Author.)

    One might say about Sam, is he does not stop when a wall appears. He will not stop, until he is
positive, there is not a way over, around or under what others considered a wall and Sam, considered
a closed door, and he just needed a key.  When he could find no explanation for remains from the B-24
crash being buried in Belgium, Sam kept searching until he found one of the Graves Registration men,
who should have handled the remains once the original recovery team had turned the remains over to
their senior hospital just to be certain, his research was correct. For instance, it took Sam over ten
years to do it, but he also located the only man still alive, of the three men who recovered the first
remains from the B-24 crash.

    Those are the remains that became the remains in the three men's Official Graves. A second hospital's
medical recovery team is responsible for hiding the rest of the remains of the dead aircrew, recovered
later in the day at the crash site. Those remains, which the French helped recover, were hidden in an
unmarked grave.

    Thanks to a Frenchman who saw them hide the remains and a Village Priest, those are the remains
that are contained in the Unknown American's Grave in France, that started Sam's research in 1991.

    Almost all of what Sam has found out, was against every Regulation at the time it was done. And,
Sam's conclusion that no real Graves Registration personnel were involved except at the cemetery sites
is correct. I have to agree with Sam, for my personal knowledge is, that we would never have permitted
what was done at both crash sites to the remains of the seven men! And, if any of us had found out,
what was done, a full investigation would have followed every lead to the men who permitted it to be done.
We owed no less to the dead.  All barriers, logjams and personal feelings and beliefs must be put aside
in order to obtain the truth.

    As a retired Officer myself, I am certain that the Squadron and Group Commanders would never
have created the Congressional Medal Of Honor Applications containing false crash and death
information, unless they were verbally ordered to do so by someone very high up in their Chain
of Command.

    And, thanks to Sam's research, I believe, there can no longer be any doubt, but that is exactly
what had to have happened. Just think, what if it were you that were missing and your mother and
father had to carry a thought of questionable doubt as to just what happen to you during the War,
never a moment of complete rest, always thinking "tomorrow he will show up, having had amnesia
all these years."

    If General Patton had lived to do what Sam has found General Patton intended to do, I believe
that General Patton would have succeeded in exactly what Sam theorizes in this book.

    Sam also mentions the Congressional Medals of Honor awarded to the two crewmen, do not be
alarmed, the first
Congressional Medal of Honor that was awarded during WW II, a pilot by the
name of Kelley, was a farce, President Roosevelt let it be known he wanted a hero, those in the
position to do the job picked Kelley and wrote up a big story, however, later it was found to be
a farce, Kelly was nowhere near the action stated in the citation. There is nothing sacred,
except the dead and we are supposed to cherish and protect their memory.

    I appeal you to assist Sam in his quest for truth and honesty.

Charles D. Butte “Bud” LTC., US Army (Retired)
733 Fairhaven Place
North Palm Beach, FL 33408-5216

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John D. Bybee
Vermont, IL
    -    -    -    -
     You have me in a flat spin with your intriguing details of Patton and OSS etc contained in your
emails.  The check is in the mail for your book.  16 years of research--wow!  There's nothing wrong
with historical fiction to fill in gaps.  A couple of former AVG pilots have told me that the late
 Robert L. Scott used the same method for his books.  I've just started Jeff Shaara's THE RISING TIDE
which is the first volume of his ongoing WWII trilogy.  I've already circulated the news of your book
among my circle of aviation historians and will promote your book in any way that I can. 
     It has been years since I read anything about Patton, didn't he mention somewhere in his
WAR AS I KNEW IT, something about coming upon some sort of ultra secret German airfield with
advanced aircraft?  
     Anyway, I be looking forward to reading your book.  My nickname is Col. Liftgap, you may
sign the book however you please.  Thanks.
     In doing the Odertal research, I've came across after action reports from the 485th (B-24) that
the claim they had six B-24s damaged by Nazi SAMS on 17 Dec 1944, @ 12,000, @ 1414hrs @
46-33N 16-30E, southwestern Hungary, near the oilfields in the center of the Nagykanizsa Triangle.
 The late Melvin McGuire (2nd BG)alleged that on a Dec 44 mission to Wiener Neustadt his B-17
was attacked by Rheintochter SAMS.  Said Rheintochters turned back towards his B-17 by narrowly
missed.  Another vet mentioned that Dr. Werner Von Braun had a sister who was killed while testing
an ME-163. 
     Been a while back (July 2000), I was in email contact with Fred W. Atkinson Jr., who was member
of the 320th Air Transport Squadron based at Le Borge in Dec 44.  Fred along with a former MP Mark
Montoya claimed that Glen Miller's C-64 crashed on the French coast and a lid was put on same and
aircraft wreckage and bodies were "confused"  in official records.
-    -    -    -    -    -
    You have stunned me, I eagerly await to read your book.  What a story you have uncovered,
Patton/USSR in 12/45 and the Middle east connection in 2008.  Kevin Gray at the Tulsa Air and
Space Museum has updated their records of the photo they have of 42-51226 is actually the follow
on 42-51546.
    -    -    -    -    -
I'm deep into your book #2 and will follow with up #1--great research and writing.  I'm stunned.
Retried Col. Warren G. Botz (2nd Panda Bears/AVG) sent me a copy of a 2002 interview of Paul
Tibbets by Studs Terkel.  Tibbets claims a 3rd bomb was enroute to Tinian.  Author Martin Caidin
claims only 2 bombs, LeMay is his book "Mission With LeMay did not mention a thrid bomb or target...
    -    -    -    -    -
Hi Sam,
    I'm about a 1/4 of the way through Chapter Four of Book Two.  I really enjoyed the opening material
on the French nurse bringing back to health the father of the future narrator.   Has an almost
Hemmingway/Spanish Civil War feel.  Nice job.  Your narrative fictional narrator experiences of being
on Ike's staff are believable and in keeping with what I've read by the late Stephen E. Ambrose regarding Ike.
    Excellent setup for the shift to the flight/crash of Lady Jeannette in Chapter Three.  Your attention to detail
is beyond a standard time log and a hell of a lot more interesting.
    You have me in a mental swirl over Ike/Patton/Truman and all.  Plus a Douglas-Tulsa built B-24J is the mix.
I fell into a back link off your site--2nd Lt. Martin J. Monti.(1921-2000)  born in SLO.  Went AWOL in 9/44
at 126th Replacement Depot in India.  Hitched a C-46 ride back to Italy and stole an F-5E and delivered same
to Germans.  As the war wound down he returned to American lines and claimed he had been shot down.  They
didn't buy it and he was court-martialed and sentenced to 15 years at hard labor.  The story I get is that Truman
suspended his sentence provided he reenlisted in the AF as a private.
    In 48, the AF discharged Monti and the FBI arrested him as a traitor.  He served  25 years at a Federal prison.
I know it's a long way from you B-17/B-24/Ike/Patton saga--but tells me a lot of things were odd and you are on the right track.
If I don't talk with you before Sunday--have a safe trip out and back to the Nat. Archives.
    -    -    -    -
Have a safe mission and back.
Only thing I see wrong with your books-they haven't been made into movies.
    -    -    -    -
I consider myself one of the privileged few so far to read your work(s).  Granted, covert military aviation history
is right down my alley--but your books have a special spin to the narrative approach.  You show how the chain of
command works not just tell it.  The dead man's cigarette etc. enlivens the drama of the story.  The saga of the
Carpetbagger B-24 that flew Donovan's team to France, stirs the mystic, one is literally soaking in this cover up.|
The last paragraph on page 196 is a gem.  It's a concise summation, somber epitaph and brilliant hook for a
book/movie audience/tie in.  Hope you make 500,000,000 telling this story.
    -    -    -    -
I can't put finger on it, but the Carpet Bagger flights reminds of some article I've  read somewhere on same.  I'm
with you-it happened, yours is multi-dimensional story.  One can't think in black and white, lots of gray, that
you have fleshed out. You are kind of an Oliver Stone with better research.    
    -    -    -    -
Hi Sam,
I see in Fred Ayer Jr.'s 1964 biography "Before the Colors Fade", of his Uncle George S. Patton, Ayer's first
reaction to the new of the General's accident, "Accident hell.  It was murder.  Those Communist sons of bitches
killed him."
    -    -    -    -
What a read!  Like a printed version of the Armstrong Circle Theatre I watched as a kid.  I am still stunned by
your very very well documented conclusions and political outcomes relative to the expanding Cold War of Post
War WW era.
    -    -    -    -
I'm halfway through Volume I.  I've also been reading Ladislas Fargo's two volumes on Patton. Stupid me,
I never realized Fargo was with the CIG/CIA.  Found a 1974 volume by Stewart Steven, OPERATION
SPLINTER FACTOR, obviously the two authors exchanged a lot of data.  Sam, I see where you have been
and where you are going with the Lady Jeannette/B-24/Patton saga.  Go for it!
=    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =  
Jon Miller, England
    -    -    -    -   
Hello Sam
    While I think about it, I want to say something about your book.  I've really enjoyed what you have done, and
the research is tremendous, and I'm jealous that I will never uncover anything as important as that.
    But despite that, there were two other moments in the book that I liked above everything else, and they were
fictional!  The moment when the narrator's father focused on the profile of his 'angel' before she turned to look
at him was wonderful.
    The other was the narrator's dream.  I hadn't got as far as this when I read the book originally, and then started
again to proof read it.  I only had to start reading a line or so about the ghosts sitting, looking at the 'Lady Jeannette',
and tears streamed down my face.  The emotion that had subconsciously built up within me throughout the book, just
hit the release button, and I was a mess!  But the dream sequence was another great passage in the book, giving it a
depth far more than if it had been the years of research on its own.
=    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =   
Capt. Jim Hudson, OSS Veteran - 30 July 2008

    -    -    -    -   

Sam, I read it all, and it is fascinating.  You have done a remarkable job in researching a true story that
top Military and Political figures thought was dead.  They tried to bury it.  You have revived it. 
A simplistic, condensed version would be great on TV to get the monstrous plot before the masses.
A major communications firm should do it.  Probably too hot for Ollie North, but perhaps the History Channel.
Invite them to your Musuem and then tell your story.
If I can help, I will.
Captain Jim
=    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =    =   


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