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                        V-MAIL, THE FUNNY MAIL

                             Author: Captain James W. Hudson             ISBN: 978-1-4257-4905-7

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Willis S. Cole, Jr.  "Sam"

    Victory mail, a small envelope with a small enclosure would arrive at homes in the United States
and the families of the sender and the neighbors would gather to learn the news.
    It is not often, that one has the opportunity to learn exactly how something that happened
during World War II began and who were the people who made it happen.  Capt. Jim is one
of those people.
    This book takes 2nd Lt. Jim, though his beginning in the Army, his relief from the Army,
his restart in the Army with coastline artillery of which he, as a college graduate in chemistry
only knew, the shell went in one end and came out the other.  It was a good lesson though,
as he learned the real value of good enlisted men who helped, instead of hindering.
    The the square peg was pulled from the round hole of the artillery and sent to learn the
new weapon in the war, a way to insure that the mail got through, even when much of mail
sent the old way was lost at sea.
    Then the fun begins and it turns out, that this officer knew how to work the system and
soon, he was in a race to Cairo with Rommel.   Capt. Jim writes about his experiences in
|such a way, it is just more than a story about the "funny mail."  It is the story of a man's
life, who experienced a full venue of the war.  From the Infantry, to the Arty, to the support
system and then into the Office of Special Services or OSS and service "behind the lines!"
    Along the way, as he won his race with Rommel to reach Cairo and then began a new
adventure, Capt. Jim rubbed shoulders or at least elbows with several people of WWII fame,
including a not too friendly reception by General Patton.
    An enjoyable and educational read about a little remembered service of WWII,  Victory
Mail, the funny mail and how a mail man became an OSS Veteran.
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