"Lucky Lady"
                        B-17G-5-VE, SN: 42-39941

             Lost on mission to Brux, Czechoslovakia
                                 May 12, 1944

            Hit by flak over target, attacked by fighters
            over Belgium.

           Bomber crashed at:  Remouchamps, 3 km east
                                               of Aywaille, 18 km south
                                               east of Liege, Belgium


Left to Right:
T/Sgt. L. Martin, FE/TTG; 2nd Lt. L. D. Viafore CP; 1st Lt. R. F. Noble P;
4th and 5th, one is unknown, other is 2nd Lt. R. Laule (?If you know contact us?)

Left to Right:
   S/Sgt. R. Munn TG; T/Sgt. R. Atkins, BT; RO; WG; WG (?If you know contact us?)

Crew:    1st Lt. Richard F. Noble, Pilot, Evader
                 KIA -
Captured, escaped, captured again and
                    Executed by Germans, 8 August, 1944, Olizy-Primate, France

               2nd Lt. Daniel G. Viafore, Co-pilot, Evader
               2nd Lt. Richard D. Laule, Navigator, POW.
               2nd Lt. Bruce W. Clago, Bombardier, POW.
               T/Sgt. Lloyd A. Martin, Flight Engineer/TTG, POW.
               T/Sgt. Robert Atkins, Radio Operator/Gunner, Evader
               S/Sgt. Ralph J. Murn, Ball Turret Gunner, POW.
               S/Sgt. Vernon L. Moody, Right Waist Gunner, POW.
               S/Sgt. George B. Brush, Left Waist Gunner, POW.
               S/Sgt. Leon H. Navies, Tail Gunner, POW.

                  731st Bombardment Squadron (H)
                     452nd Bombardment Group (H)
                          45th Combat Wing (H)
                      3rd Bombardment Division
                  8th United States Army Air Force


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