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Please email your request to the webmaster, listed at the bottom
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Sorry, for the current problem, but we feel the new site we are
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          Please write out your request for needed research assistance.

          Example:  Search for grandfather's travels in World War One.

                Please, try to provide all the information we need to know to
                help us give you as much information as we can about the
                subject of your research, such as the Division, Regiment,
                or Battalion that your subject served in.  If you don't know,
                we can help lead you in a search to obtain the needed information.

                Willis S. Cole, Jr. "Sam"
                Executive Director/Curator

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There is no charge for the research done by the museum's
volunteers.  However, we would like to remind you that
the museum is financed by donations, book sales and
relic sales.  You can make a donation by mail or by
credit card on our secure server.

                  Tax Deductible Donations To Museum: Donation
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       Thanks, ever so much, for your interest in our museum.  We look
forward to helping you in your research.  We always gain new insights
into World War One and World War Two through these research efforts!

Please send research help request using email address below....


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