Battery Corporal
            Willis S. Cole
         Military Museum

Non-Profit Corporation, Washington U.S.A.

                         Battle Field Tour Assistance   

   The Executive Director of the museum, Willis S. Cole, Jr. "Sam,"
has helped many people enjoy their tours of the Battle Fields through
his knowledge of the events of World War One and Two.  See the best
known memorials and many of the hidden ones throughout the northern
battle areas of both wars in France and Belgium.
    To help you with your proposed trip, Mr. Cole will need to know
a lot about the interests you might have.  Are you just interested in having
a good overview of both the World War One and World War Two
battles, or are you interested in some specific item, such as going to
where a family member might have served?  How much time do you have?
How do you plan to travel? When do you plan to travel?  Those and many
other such questions, will lead to a tour that is planned just for your interests.

    The museum does not charge for its assistance in planning your Battle
Field tours.
  However, the museum does exist on donations, book sales
and relic sales.  Your donation
will be greatly appreciated!  You may
donate by mail or by telephone via credit card donation, just call us at
(888)819-2593 so we can insure your credit card security.  If we are
not present, just leave a message and we will get right back to you.
Remember, all donations to the museum are Tax Deductible!.

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