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   Congressional Medal Of Honor

               General Order 38, 16 May, 1945

                 1st Lt. Donald Joseph Gott, C.M.H. K.I.A.
                                   Harmon, Oklahoma
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         2nd Lt. William Edward Metzger, Jr., C.M.H. K.I.A.
                                 Lima, Ohio

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       Lt.'s Gott and Metzger were awarded the C.M.H.
       Posthumously and the medals have been computer


A very rare dual award of of the Unites States highest military medal, the


    Own an actual relic of the bomber these dual Congressional
Medals Of Honor
earned.   Certified authentic pieces and parts of
Lady Jeannette. B-17G-35VE, SN: 42-97905.
Recovered by the museum's staff during on-site search and
documentation of the crash site.  Make a donation, specified to
be used for further research (remember our staff are all unpaid
volunteers) on this site, installation of memorials to United States
Service in Europe, and furthering Remembrance/Souvenir and you
will receive a very unique piece of American military history while
knowing that you contributed to the long-term memory to the bomber
and crew of the
Lady Jeannette.
    Check out our planned tours for 1999, if you are a real
Medal Of Honor
historian.  For you too, can participate in the on-
going research of this unique military history event.
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